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Himalayan Crystal Salt Mines

Himalayan salt mines are situated in foot hills of Himalayan mountain terrain . There are several large and medium salt mines located in this area. Nevertheless there are four largest salt  mines which yield one of the purest mineral enriched salt. These historical mines produce the salt believed to be 300 million years old.

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1.Khewra Salt Mines
2.Warcha Salt Mines
3.Kalabagh salt mines
4.Jatta/Bahadurkheil Salt Quarries

Salt has been mined at Khewra since 320 BC, in an underground area of about 110 sq. km. Khewra salt mine has proven reserves of 300 million tons. This reserve could not be consumed in 600 years even at the rate of 5 lakh tons production every day. Current production from the mine is around 3 lakh tons daily.

Salt excavated from These Himalayan salt mines are used for different healthful purposes. Being naturally enriched with 84 minerals and trace elements , Himalayan salt is rapidly gainning popularity across the planet. People now saying "No" to ordinary so called refined salt and "Yes" to Himalayan organic salt. Ordinary refined salt is devoid of any mineral and trace element and merely a compound of sodium and chloride. Moreover ordinary refined salt is being harvested on filthy and oil laden beaches and processed using the harmful chemicals which you can easily find through a lab test .

ZNZ Himalayan Salt Industries craft and manufacture many healthful products using Himalayan salt excavated from Himalayan salt mines.We offer tremendous business opportunities to oversease clients who wish to join us as our valued distributors. We supply the highest quality products at competitive prices with flexible payment terms. No MOQ restriction, with us you can place order for any quantity according to your budget and need. ZNZ being a native Himalayan company do gaurantee the premium quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery and this is what you might have been looking for.

Hereunder please find the detail of products we have been manufacturing and supplying worldwide.Its a short details ,you may find much more on this website:.


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are known air ionizers, produce negative ions to purify the air we breathe. By glowing few salt lamps ,one could feel the sensation being at sea beach or near the water fall.WE carve lamps in different shapes viz: Natural salt lamps, Geometric salt lamps, Basket salt lamp ,Onyx Lamps ,exclusive sculptural salt lamps and Aroma spreader lamps. These are beautiful home decore with health benefits.

Himalayan Bath Salt Products

There is bath salt and shaped bath salt products. We carve some fabolous design in shaped products which include lovely hearts, discs, bars and many other awesome shapes. These Himalayan salt bath products offer numerous health benefits with a bathing experience you never have had before. Detoxify skin, provide relief in musle and joint pain while bring back the rejuvination and freshness.

Himalayan salt Tealight Holders

Unlike conventional tealight holders , these Himalayan salt tealight holders offer numerous health benefits as well as natural beauty. We carve these tealight holder in different lovely shapes which include, natural, geometric and exclusive hand carved shapes.These tealight holders emit negative ions when heated by a standard tealight.

Himalayan Pink-White Salt Crystals

Excavated manually,duly washed, sun dried and processed through indigenous method in serene and unpolluted Himalayan environment. Our pink Himalayan salt is one of purest organic salt on this planet. Naturally enriched with 84 minerals and trace elements in colloidal particles size readily absorbable by body cell. Replace the harmful refined salt with this natural Himalayan salt asap.

Himalayan Salt licks/Blocks

Get rid of artificially made salt Licks and let your animals lick this Himalayan organic salt lick. These licks are naturally enriched with all the essential minerals and trace elements required by the animals. Do not temper with the nature, feed only the natural licks as nature batter knows what exacatly your animal needs. Don,t follow the poorly conducted researches.Let your animal live in the natural way.

Himalayan Herbal salt

Yet another healthful product , offered directly from Himalaya, the land of ancient values and tradition, very close to the nature. Its Herbal salt, a natural tonic for your stomach.Himalayan crystal salt is heated to melting point and then extracts of herbs are added, compound is then left for several days to transform into hard rock. This unique herbal salt is commonly sprinkle on Salad, Fruit Chaat and chattni and several other Himalayan dishes. Typical aroma of this salt enhances the appetite.

Salt Bricks|Tiles and Slabs

These beautiful salt bricks, salt slabs and rounded plates are cut from best selected rocks of genuine Himalayan crystal salt. Various sizes and colors.ZNZ owns state of the art cutting facilities with moderen machenaries which ensures the correct and flawless sizes . We can cut any size from salt rocks. Accurate sizes,flawless bricks, competitive prices and prompt delivery, what else you need?..Contact us today!

Salt Bowls and Dishes

ZNZ carve these beautiful table wares from 100% food grade rocks of salt crystals, different sizes and colors. Do not add salt to your food you intend to serve in these natural wares , just put the food in the dish and it will get salty with added benefits of 84 minerals and trace elements.Your guests will be amazded to see these beautiful table wares made of Himalayan crystal salt. We offer these Bowls and dishes in pink, white, orange and red colors.

USB Salt Lamps for Computers

Get rid of stressess while working on your computer. Marvelous healthful product. Simply plug the wire in USB jack and enjoy the sensation being at beach or near the water fall.Thanks to the negative ions these USB salt lamps produce. We have dozen of most innovative designs in our USB salt lamp series. Hot sell item for importers, wholesellers and distributors. Join ZNZ and enjoy the business in real time. we support our distributors with all the resources at our disposal.