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Official website of ZNZ Himalayan Crystal Salt Industries, the largest,authenticated and reputed manufacturers and Exporters of Himalayan salt products. ZNZ facillities are registered with FDA, credits are duly varified by D&B and A&V respectively.

Frequently asked Questions

ZNZ being the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Himalayan crystal salt products have been receiving different queries from buyers worldwide. Hereunder we try to answer some of the most common questions normally asked by the clients:

1.I wish to import different salt products to sell them in my region,I intend to place a small order first, Can I do this or you have any MOQ restriction?

Ans:ZNZ have client friendly policies , therefore we don,t have such MOQ restrictions , you may place order as per your need and budget

2.I am new to import business so not familiar with the terms like FOB, C&F, CIF, CAD and DP etc. can you explain them for me?

Ans: Sure, to define these incoterms in detail we do need quite a bit space and time as well, to have detail answer on this subject please e mail us and we will send you the detail answer.

3.Can I place a mix order for several salt products? for example 10 pcs of geometric lamps, 7 pcs of Natural lamps , 10 kgs of salt granulate and so on, please explain .

Ans: Sure! you can place order by mixing any product you like, Nevertheless, you will have to select a box of product, for example 3-4 kg natural lamps are packed 6 in a box so you will have to pick six and its multiple, not 5 not 7 for example.simply the quantity will be selected according to packaging.

4.I want to become your distributor in my country ,what are the terms to have distributorship and what I will have to do, I mean how to apply?

Ans: There are two type of distributorship, Exclusive distributorship and General distributorship. For exclusive distributorship you will have to shoulder certain obligations and will have to place order for a certain quantity monthly. For general distributorship there is no obligation on your part, just place order for quantity you may like and start selling ZNZ quality products.

5.What kind of incentives you will have to offer if I start selling your products?

Ans: We help our distributors in many ways. We offer highly competitive prices to our distributors worldwide and also premium quality products to enable our distributors to have an edge on their competitors.WE also offer them flexible payment terms and often extend credits if they need.Our distributors work as a partner of ZNZ so we assist them with all our resources and to the extent as humanly possible.

6.I do not have physical shop but wish to sell your products on website. But the problem is ,I don, t have any website yet nor do I know how to design and how to get images and contents for that matter. Can you suggest some easy method to secure all that ?

Ans:We do offer fully functional and beautifully designed website to our distributors for nominal charges. You only need to buy a domain and hosting and we will do the rest. We have made the thing quite easy for our distributors, so no need to worry. Simply contact us and let us help you the way you want.

7. I wanted to place an order for salt products of my choice and do wish that my order will be delivered at my warehouse. Do you offer "Home Delivery" services?

Ans:Yes we do offer Home delivery services. Your order will be delivered at your place by our forwarders in your country.

8. I am new to import and not familiar with the custom laws and clearance of goods at port of destination . What help you could possibly extend to get cleared my goods from custom?

Ans:We have offices in almost all the countries of the world and you could get all possible assistance from our office in your country. If contacted , they will be happy to guide you through and in most cases they may offer the clearance services.

9. As I noticed , you have pretty big catalog with dozens of designs in each category, being new entrant I don,t have any idea which product I could possibly order and what would be the market potential for the same. Precisely, I don,t know which product will sell well if ordered. Do you offer or suggerst some best seller for that matter?

Ans: Certainly! We do offer and suggest the best seller as we know exactly which of our product or design is hot sell in the market. We always suggest the client about the market potential of our product even if they don,t ask for that. We make all efforts to help make the businesses of our distributor a success. Simply if our distributors do well we grow fast.

10. How long it will take for my order to come. How much time do you take to ship an order?

Ans: We normally take 10-30 days to ship an order(depends on order volume).

11. Do you keep the ready stock of products for fast shipment?

Ans: No . we always craft the products afresh and don,t keep any stock. The reason being that if a stock left for long time , there is chance for products to get damaged. Salt products are fragile in nature so always prefer to ship the fresh products.

12. What is your refund and return policy?

Ans:In case if any of our product get damaged during transit, we do replace it in the next order of client.( We never ever have such complaint though, as things are done quite professionally leaving zero chance for damage during transit.