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Himalayan Herbal Salt|Black Salt

What is Himalayan Herbal Salt, How it is made and used ?

Himalayan Herbal Salt have been there for centuries. This special herbal salt is made through and indigenous process where genuine Himalayan crytal salt of matured crystalline are heated to melting point and Himalayan herbal extracts are then added to it. This unique compound of crystal salt and herbs is then left for several days till it transform into hard rock.

This typical Himalayan herbal salt offer numerous health benefits to human as well as to animals. Being a known stomach tonic, herbal salt is a "Must" item for every home in Himalayan region. Due to wonderful taste it is being sprinkled on salad, fruit chaat, chutni and mixed in beverages specially the summer drinks. For Horses and live stock , lump of Herbal is left in feed buckets enabling the animals to lick it whenever needed. Horses owners are advised to keep a bag of granulated powder of Himalayan herbal salt with them during long ride.

Himalayan Herbal salt

Himalayan Herbal Salt Lumps(Design# HH-1

Herbal salt Lumps are mainly used as Licks for horses and cattle though, but one can cursh it to make crystal granulate and even powder to sprinkle on Salad and fruit chaat etc. Wonderful Herbal salt product with enhanced digestion power. This typical Himalayan Herbal salt is a best stomach tonic and shows megical effect in case of stomach pain both for human and animals. Lumps are available in 1-10 kgs weight.

Herbal Salt Chunks (Design#HH-2)

Big lumps of herbal salt are broken to make the smaller chunks to facilitate the easy grinding .Same charactristics as for lumps ..

Herbal Salt Lumps (Design#HH-1)

charactristics are the same as for lumps above.Herbal salt is made through a typical Himalayan centuries old process so color of salt may differ slightly for each batch.

Herbal Salt Chunks (Design#HH-2)

Like I said color may vary with each batch and this evident from the chunks exhibited above and in this pic.All the characteristics are the same for both color chunks.

Herbal Salt Granulate (Design#HH-3)

This is 3-7 mm crystal granules of herbal salt.Ideal for kitchen grinder. Grind your herbal salt before your eyes and enjoy the appetizing aroma it spreads..

Herbal Salt Granule Powder (Design#HH-4)

Herbal salt in granulate powder form Mesh 30. Its ready to use on salad, fruite chaat and another use for that matter. Fill this powder in standard shaker and sprinkle it wherever you like..

Herbal Salt Granulate (Design#HH-3)

Different color granulate , otherwise of the same charactristics as given above .