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Himalayan Salts|Himalayan pink salt

What is Himalayan salt, its mineral contents and how it is processed?

Himalayan crystal salt is one of the purest and primal salt on the planet, is excavated from Himalayan salt mines situated in Himalayan foot hills on Pakistan side.This unique salt is naturally enriched with 88 minerals and trace elements essential for Human body. Even more interesting thing is that this organic salt contains the minerals and trace elements in almost the same proprotion as already exist in our bodies. Most noteable point about this Himalayan salt is that it occurs in colloidal particle size which means that it is readily absorbable by body cell.

This Natural salt is being processed in serene and unpolluted typical Himayan environement, using the centuries old indigenous method of stone milling. Mill is run at dead slow spead to keep the product at coolest level in order to maintain the natural organic state of salt.

ZNZ offer this wonderful salt in different natural colors and grain sizes. Our typical Pink Himalayan salt due to its awesome color and aroma have now become talk of the town. People across the planet have shown their immese love to this natural gift. This organic salt is being offered in different bulk and retail packaging.

The Himalayan mineral salt is hot sell products. For those who intend to start salt business , this unique Himayan sea salt could prove a best starter. Amazing Pink color, Glittering snow white color, soothing orange color and of course our gray color salt really make the difference and have high business potentials to take your business to next level. ZNZ offer premium quality Himalayan salt with innovative retail packaging. Last but not the least, our facilities are registered with FDA, so you can rest assure about the quality of our products..

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Himalayan salt Pink (edible#7)

Yet another cool color, rosy pink, mesh25-30, you can use it as table salt. Fill your shakers with it and sprinkle the way you want. Purest organic salt comes directly from Himalayan mountains. Processed in untouched , unpolluted typical Himalayan environment and note that the salt is process using centuries old indigenous stone milling run at dead slow spead to preserve the freshness and organic state well in place. Why to use harmful chemical laden so called refined salt while purest Himalayan salt is availabe for pennies on dollars.

Himalayan salt Light Pink (edible#8)

Pink tone with dark pink grain, this awesome salt is of soft nature. Purest, clean and primal as were the ocean 300 million years ago. Matured crystalline matrix with all 84 minerals and trace elements. Salt shown in the pic is of 2-3mm grain size. Ideal for kitchen grinder and for any home grinder for that matter.Lovely rose petal color, processed in serene and unpolluted Himalayan enrironement. You would love to have this organic gift direct from Himalaya. All our Himalayan salt are processed indigenously using centuries old Himalayan stone mills run at dead slow speed to keep the organic state of this natural treasure in tact. .

Himalayan salt LightPink (edible#9)

This light pink salt is the same as above except the grain size which is 1-2 mm . Precious natural gift you can get at dirt cheap prices. Get rid of so called refined table salt and turn to genuine Himalayan crystal salt .Save your family from the white poison being sold as refined salt. Love the nature the way nature loves you and this is perhaps the only good thing you can do for your family and kids. A marveous organic products from the land which is yet to be polluted by the modern day life. Old people with centuries old traditions and human values.


Himalayan Halite (edible#10)

Quartz, ice or what, no its Himalayan purest halite crystals excavated from only salt mines located far away from the Himalayan salt mines region. Himalayan salt mines do yeild halite but a bit smoky but this unique mine yeild is of different prospect. Naturally enriched with 88 minerals and trace elements this halite is a must for your home. Love the nature they way nature loves you and this is what ensures your sound health and trouble free life. let ZNZ take care of your salt needs. You can trust us as we are the native Himalayan company and do know the difference between rock salt and Himalayan crystal salt..

Himalayan salt pink pebbles (edible#11)

Do you think that its an artificial color? No sir its the genuine Himalayan crystal salt, pink like a ruby and white like a diamond. You can easily guage that how many minerals have duly been blended by the nature to bring out this amazing natural color. A precious gift for those who believe in nature and its blessing.

Try these Himalayan natural rain bow of colors , you don,t need to place a volume order. we have packages for every home, just contact us and you will be amazed to note that how easy we have made the things for you..

Himalayan gray granulate (edible #12)

Its natural and its is from Himalayan mountain. you have already seen the pink beauty, its another Himalayan presenation. Unique color with mineral contents akin to any other Himalayan salt colors. People who love to offer a varieties of thing to their guest, this color is really fullfil their desire in a much better way. Himalayan beauty does change its face but in the sole interest of its consumer. let the ZNZ be your supplier specially for salt requirement as we only we know what actually your kids and family need.

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