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Himalayan Salts|Himalayan pink salt

What is Himalayan salt, its mineral contents and how it is processed?

Himalayan crystal salt is one of the purest and primal salt on the planet, is excavated from Himalayan salt mines situated in Himalayan foot hills on Pakistan side.This unique salt is naturally enriched with 88 minerals and trace elements essential for Human body. Even more interesting thing is that this organic salt contains the minerals and trace elements in almost the same proprotion as already exist in our bodies. Most noteable point about this Himalayan salt is that it occurs in colloidal particle size which means that it is readily absorbable by body cell.

This Natural salt is being processed in serene and unpolluted typical Himayan environement, using the centuries old indigenous method of stone milling. Mill is run at dead slow spead to keep the product at coolest level in order to maintain the natural organic state of salt.

ZNZ offer this wonderful salt in different natural colors and grain sizes. Our typical Pink Himalayan salt due to its awesome color and aroma have now become talk of the town. People across the planet have shown their immese love to this natural gift. This organic salt is being offered in different bulk and retail packaging.

The Himalayan mineral salt is hot sell products. For those who intend to start salt business , this unique Himayan sea salt could prove a best starter. Amazing Pink color, Glittering snow white color, soothing orange color and of course our gray color salt really make the difference and have high business potentials to take your business to next level. ZNZ offer premium quality Himalayan salt with innovative retail packaging. Last but not the least, our facilities are registered with FDA, so you can rest assure about the quality of our products..

Himalayan crystal salt - Video

Himalayan salt Pink Fine (edible #1)

Himalayan pink salt fine granulate is processed from deep pink rocks of Himalayan crystal salt. Salt shown in the pic is of 35 mesh. 100% food grade salt naturally enriched with 88 minerals and trace elements. Processed in serene Himalayan environement using stone milling. To keep the organic state intact mill is run at dead slow spead. Available in bulk 25 kgs pp bags and also in retail packaging of 1,2,3,4,5--10 kgs cotton bags Marvelous taste that too with 88 minerals. Best health supplement available to replace the ordinary refined table salt..

Himalayan salt Gray (edible#2)

Nature has give so many beautiful natural colors to Himalayan rocks of salt crystals. This gray color is rare, excavated from a salt mine located in remote area far away from Himalayan salt mines region. All mineral contents are the same as for pink or any other color for that matter.

Himalayan salt pink granulate (edible#3)

Rose color granulate Himalayan salt, yet another Himalayan beauty to take care of your health. Mesh 20 coarse grain is ideal for kitchen grinder. Naturally aromatic, spread typical Himalayan aroma when crushed. Full of natural minerals and trace element. The best organic salt available on the planet, being offered in bulk and retail packaging .

Himalayan salt Snow white(edible#4)

Like a snow on Himalayan mountains, This snow white salt is crushed from best selected and duly washed rocks of Himalayan crystal salt of snow white color. Yes, mineral contents are the same as for pink salt, may be some minerals are in less while other are a bit higher in percentage. Its not ordinary refined salt being harvested on ugly beaches , purest and primal as were the ocean 300 million years ago. Untouched, unpolluted Himalayan beauty which is out there to replinish your body mineral system in a very natural way..

Himalayan salt light pink (edible#5)

Purest halit rocks with pink hues are crusthed to make this unique color salt. Marvelous blend of pink and white , all the 88 minerals and trace elements intact. Natur's most beautiful color combination available in Himalayan salt Nothing is added and nothing extract, the purest organic salt for your health. Its time to get rid of harmful so called refined salt and replace that garbage with purest Himalayan organic salt .

Himalayan salt crystal pink (Design#6)

Diamond and rubbies littarly, This pink Himalayan beauty is somethng one can,t overlook. Absolutely healthful and ideal for kitchen grinder. Stunning appetizing aroma is one of the decent property of this pink Himalayan salt. Unique product, being processed in a unique way from unique pink rocks of Himalayan salt crystals. Enough to eradicate any excuse one might have to use the harmful ordinary table salt. Live the way the nature has defined. Don't temper with nature else you will be panelized in shape of health hazards.

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