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Bath salt- Himalayan bath salt products

What is the Himalayan bath salt and its mineral constituents?

There are too many bath salt available in the market but the Himalayan bath salt naturally enriched with 84 minerals and trace elements essential for human body. It has gone through a longest natural process spaning at 300 million years where nature has added highly useful minerals at right time, right proportion and under right temperature and pressure. Himalayan crystal salt for example contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium in colliodal particle sizes readily absorbable by skin. These extremely essential minerals have their own positive effects on skin. More importantly these minerals are not added artificially but by a natural process taken place underneath the Himalayn foot hills.

Himalayan salt brine bath have gained popularity over the years due to its mineral constituents which are much more than any salt available in the market.

Genuine Himalayan organic crystal salt mineral constituents really helps the nervous system, relieve stresses and restore an healthy calcium balance which inturn strengthens the bones and nails. Portassium for example helps keep moist the skin to maintain its healthy state.

ZNZ offer its Himalayan bath salt in different shape and sizes for the convenience of the consumers. Bath salt fine grain, coarse grain, shaped bath products, salt chunks of sorts and salt crystals of different color and sizes. Always enjoy the relaxing bath using ZNZ genuine Himalayan bath salt products as we are native Himalayan company and do know the difference between ordinary rock salt you find every where and genuine Himalayan crystal salt. You can rest assure as regards to quality and Genuineness of our bath salt .

Video for Bath salt Products

Pink salt balls for bath (Design# B-1)

Lovely looking genuine Himalayan pink salt balls you can easily put few in bath tub and enjoy the new bathing experience. These natural salt balls contain 84 minerals and trace elements which will rejuvinate your skin and take away your stresses and muscle aches as well.ZNZ craft different color and sizes salt balls for bath purposes. Please ask for our products catalog and pricing.

Bath salt balls light pink (Design#B-4)

These balls also are the same charactristics but just to show this light pink color we have exhibit these here. 84 minerals and trace elements vital source to keep your body skin healtheir and give you a joyfull bathing experience.g..

Bath salt Hearts (Design#B-5)

These lovely tiny hearts of different colors are only to add new bathing experience . Salt brine bath have its onwn health benefits . Those who have been suffering with joint and muscle pains will gain huge benefits and instant releif from such pains and stresses. Skin rejuvination is yet another benefits you will get while taking bath with these hearts full of minerals .

Bath salt rounded bars (Design#B-6)

Amazing product with almost the same charactristics as the other bath products mentioned above. These are as smooth as silk. You will certainly feel the softness while rubbing on your skin. Many colors and sizes are being offered by ZNZ.

Bath salt Pink Crystals (Design#B-7)

its 100% food grade mineral salt, pink color and 2-5 mm size. This is again a best product for salt brine bath. Put two spoon full in your bath tub with luke warm water and see how the magic takes away your body and muscle pain. Not to mention the benefits your skin will have. YOu can even make sol to take early in the morning to replinis and recharge your body minerals system..

Bath salt coars (Design#B-8)

Coarse grain salt pink and white is processed indigeneously crushing the genuine Himalayan crystal salt. Full of minerals and trace elements. will bring a new bathing experience for you..

Fine bath salt Pink (Design#B-9)

Lovely product which can be used for brine bath as well as body scrub. Full of minerals and trace elements to take your bathing experience to new heights. 84 minerals and trace elements are there to rejuvinate your body skin and ready to provide you instant releif from muscles and body pain..




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