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Onyx lamps-Onyx glob-Onyx Pyramids

What are the Onyx lamps and how these are made?

Onyx is a natural rock, possesses transparent and tanslucent properties thus allows the light to travel through. One can,t discover this special property of onyx rock unless a light is passed through it. When light travel through the rock, it bring to life the hidden features those make the texture of rocks.When the lamp is lighted , some amazing figures of the texture of the stone comes to life creating soothing and pleasing effects.This natural onyx stone while lit, filtering much of its glare and replacing it with a soft amber hue.Amazing contrasting flames of never changing fire emerge from within the polished surface of this natural onxy stone.It refelcts mild intensity frozen fire which illuminate the surrounding space thus bathing the atmosphere in soothing and relaxing light.

Hereunder we exhibit few designs crafted from genuine onyx stone. Each and every onyx lamp is a little bit different from the other. Every piece of stone has a unique story of its own creation but all are stunning.


Onyx Globe Lamp (Design# O-1

Lovely looking onyx globe lamp carved from genuine onyx rock.Its a machine made lamp carved on lathe machin. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and a 15 w tiny bulb to light it. Marvelous home decor with warm and soothing glow of light. Being a natural rock, it offers some health benefits though but used mostly as home decor..

Onyx Globe Lamp (Design#O-2)

All the specs and charactristics are the same as for above globe with slight difference in color. As mentioned earlier , lamp comes complete with UL listed power cord and a bulb to light it..

Onyx Pyramid lamp (Design#O-3)

Both lit and off version of lamps are exhibited so that you could see how it looks like.Fabulous lamp with immense beauty which makes it a stunning home decor. As above lamp comes with UL listed power cord and a bulb to illuminate it. Soothing warm glow of light which really possesses the unique natural beauty to adorn your home.

Onyx Egg Lamp (Design#O-4)

Its a egg shape lamp, made of genuine onyx stone though. Beautiful geometric shape lamp to beautify your home in a way that every one love it. UL listed power cord with bulb is being supplied to light up this natural beauty.Finest home decor which attracts the attention of your guests.

Onyx Globe lamp

Just to show you the really beauty of this natural stone when illuminated by the bulb. You can easily gauge the loving scene created if two lamps lighted together .

Onyx Globes(Design#O-5)

See the off version of the onyx globe lamp which equally looks beautiful in off mode.

Onyx Globes

Onyx globe with vertical rings, a really beauty of onyx stone .