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Official website of ZNZ Himalayan Crystal Salt Industries, the largest,authenticated and reputed manufacturers and Exporters of Himalayan salt products. ZNZ facillities are registered with FDA, credits are duly varified by D&B and A&V respectively.

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ZNZ Himalayan Salt Industries , being a native Himalayan company with four decades experience in the salt field, offer you a tremendous business opportunity to establish your Himalayan salt business in your respective area. We have been in the process to induct more distributors from different part of the world to strengthen our existing distribution network worldwide. The main objective behind this idea is to spread this purest organic product in every nook and corner of the planet. Being a part of our compaign you will not only enjoy the benefits of a thrilling business but also be doing a sacred mission and a noble service to humanity by providing them this natural healthful product.

As you know Himalayan crystal salt is manually excavated from 300 million years Himalayan salt mines situated in foot hills of Himalayan mountains on Pakistan side. The salt excavated from these ancient mines are naturally enriched with 88 minerals and trace elements essential for human body. The minerals and trace elements occurs in this primal salt is almost in the same proportion as already exist in human body. This unique salt provide a natural way to replenish the body mineral system.

Like I said "sacred mission" for any one who joins us is true , the reason being that majority of people round the world have been using harmful so called "refined " table salt which is a proven white poison. Harmful refined table salt is virtually devoid of any mineral or trace elements and merely a injurous compound of sodium and chloride. Besides, this kind of salt is harvested on filthy beaches laden with tons of toxins and oils. To help people get rid of harmful refind salt by providing them healthful Himalayan crystal salt is a noble cause thus can be termed as scared mission.

We are much flexible as regards to MOQ and payment terms. You can simply place a smallest order to start your salt buinsess. We not only will give you the best of the best products with highly competitive prices but also help you establish your online presence.For example if you need we could provide you a beautifully designed website completed with useful contents and images at nominal costs. We can also help tweak your existing website.

For more details on this topic , please contact us. WE welcome you here at ZNZ and assure you that will get all the essentials means to start your business in a good profitable way. Join us Today to serve the humankind through a thrilling business adventure.