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Salt Aroma Spreader/Diffuser Lamps

What are the Salt Aroma Spreader lamps and how these are carved?

Salt Aroma spreaders lamp is an amazing product with numerous health benefits. Its 3 in 1 simply. A beautiful lamp, wonderful air ionizer and aroma spreader. Put few drop of your favourite frangrance and enjoy. Aroma spreader lamps are carved both by hand and on lathe machines in different eye catching designs, from best selected rocks of Himalayan crystal salt.

Salt lamps are known air ionizers , emit negative ions which ions combat the deadly positive ion to purify the amibient air we breathe. Glowing few lamps in a room really brings about positive changes in mood . It creates atmosphere prevailent near the water fall, after the thunder storom or after the rain. Thanks to abundance of negative ions in the atmosphere.

Apart from natural beauty , these Aroma spreader salt lamps do offer numerous health benefits to mankind. Being negative ion generators they provide relief in asthma and other respiratory diseases. There is no scientific proof about these claims though but people who have been using these have sent positive feed confirming the health benefits. Natural colors of rocks normally are Pink, light pink, multiple colors hues, Reddish, gray/blue, snow white and orange. There are so many other color tones found in these Himalayan salt rocks.

Geometric salt lamps- Video

Aroma salt lamp natural (Design# AS-8

Its a natural shape aroma spreader salt lamp, carved from best selected pink rock of Himalayan crystal salt. Aroma salt lamp comes with onyx container to contain the few drops of fragrance to spread. UL listed power cord with inline bed switch is also supplied with the lamp. Lamp is mounted on a shesham wood base double polished and duly treated. Weight of lamp is 3 kgs approx.

Aroma salt lamp Globe (Design#AS-9)

Awesome design of aroma spreader, carved on lathe machine, globe shape. You can see both lit and off version of this fabulous lamp. Natural beauty and frangrance it spread will definitely bring positive changes in your mood . Lovely product awaits a suitable place in your room. Lamps comes with UL listed power cord and onyx container, simply plug and play. Lamp weighs 3 kgs approx.

Aroma salt Lamp Rose (Design#AS-10)

Awesome lamp carved from pinkish rock of Himalayan crystal salt.Rose shape with onyx container atop.Beauty and health with style. This aroma spreader will take your mood to new heights of pleasure you normally feel being at sea beaches, water fall and after the thunderstorm. Fragrance will certainly remind you of one of your trip to beautifull valley with flowers and water stream. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and onyx container of course.

Aroma Salt Lamp Melon (Design#AS-4)

Melon shape aroma lamp, carved on lathe machine first and then transformed in melon shape by hand. Amazing natural beauty with numerous health benefits what makes this lamp must for every home. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and onyx container to hold the frangrance of your choice..

Aroma salt lamp Melon(Design#AS-5)

Melon but slightly different from the melon above. You might have seen different shapes melon in the market . Exquisite lamp with added health benefits. Natural beauty and fragrance it spreads makes a joyful atmoshpere for you.Lamp is being supplied complete with UL listed power cord and tiny onyx container. Buy your favourite fragrance from your nearby perfume shop and enjoy !.

Aroma Salt Lamp geometric(Design#AS-6)

Yet another lovely design of aroma spreader lamp.Natural beauty with style. Best ionizer and aroma spreader awaits suitable place in your home. Lamp comes with uL listed power cord and onxy container..

Aroma salt lamp Geometric (Design#AS-7)

Fabulous design crafted from pink rock of Himalayan crystal salt. Beauty speaks for itself. Health benefits of salt lamps are a proven fact now which needs no further expplaination. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and onyx container.




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