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Salt Big Rocks|Salt Jumbo Rocks

How these big rocks of salt are excavated and loaded on truck?

Its extremely daunting job to excavate biggest rocks of Himalayan salt from mines. The main hurdle in excavation is ,as to how move these rock from 1800 meters underneath the ground. Again on mining area there is no heavy machineries like heavy forklifters etc. This work of moving the jumbo rock up to the surface is mostly done manually using the tractors. Loading on the trucks for onward moving to factory is another difficult phase. ZNZ offer 1-3 tons rocks of Himalayan salt crystals at extremely competitive prices. We have already been supplying these big boulders to many of our clients worldwide.

Video of Big salt Rocks

Salt Big rocks

Salt big rocks is well in demand and people round the world place these natural rocks in their shops , show rooms and outside their building to bring a natural touch to the scene

Rocks can be as big as 3 tons maximum as bigger than this is not possible because of exavation and moving the rocks from 1800 meter depth to surface...

Big rocks of salt

These big rocks are shipped oversease by in secured container where each rock is carefully placed on wooden dunnage for easy stuffing and destuffing .

Jumbo salt rock

Extreme care have to be excercised during laoding and unloading and exavation process. Slight mistake could bring a fatal accident which may injure the workers and sometimes poses a life risk.

Gaint Salt rocks

These gaint rocks of salt crystals look amazing when placed on plateform out side any building or in the shop at suitable place..

Big salt rocks

Rock in this pic is 1.6 tons, quite heavy to move manually. Forklift do the job perfectly.

Jumbo salt rocks

Does need extreme care to load these rocks in container to ship them to clients abroad .

Heavy rocks of salt crystals

Big rocks are not available in that many color as available for salt lamps and bricks etc.