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Himalayan salt Licks for horses and Cattle

What are Salt licks and how these are made?

Himalayan salt licks are made from best selected rocks of Himalayan crystal salt, 100% food grade.ZNZ(A native Himalayan company) do specialize in licks making.We make salt licks in different weight and natural colors. these licks are made from the organic salt manually excavated from ancient Himalayan salt mines believed to be 300 million years old. Salt excavated from world's oldest and largest mines, naturally contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential for animal's growth, productivety and performance..

Our organic salt licks are loved by animals as such gained enormous popularity across the planet as animal owners have come to the conculsion that Himalayan salt licks are not merely a salt licks but provide all the other essential minerals and trace elements to animals per their need. These natural primal licks are not stuffed with unecessary minerals but minerals have been added by mother nature in right proportion through longest natural process underneath the Himalayan foot hills.

ZNZ offer highest standard premium salt licks at highly competitive prices while ensuring fastest delivery and personalized back up services. WE have stringent quality control where each of our products have to go through multiple inspection phases to ensure the best quality.Inquiry from importers , wholesellers and distributors are always welcome . We have client friendly policies. No MOQ restrictions , you may place order for any quantity per your budget and requirements.For those of our valued clients who are not familiar with the import procedures, we do offer assistance through our oversease offices who will cheerfully extend all possible assistance one may needs.

Salt Licks for Horses and Cattle- Video

Salt Lick light pink (Design# L-1 )

This light pink salt licks is made from rock of Himalayan crystal salt, 100% food grade. Himalayan salt is naturally enriched with 84 essential minerals and trace elements vital for animal growth and productivety. Licks are made in different weights and sold on weight bases. Each complete salt lick on rope is packed in polythene bag and number of licks in a master carton..

Salt Lick Snow White (Design#L-2)

Mineral contents and other charactristics are the same as in other colors. It is just to give the animal a different color licks. As feed back from customers horses are more inclined to this color.Packaging is the same as mentione for pink licks.

Salt Licks Gray (Design#L-3)

Rare color , a bit costly as this kind of salt is excavated from only mine situated in remote area far away from Himalayan salt mines. Mineral contents is almost the same. Packaging is also same as mentioned for pink licks ..

Salt Licks Multicolor (Design#L-4)

Mineral contents in all these Himalayan rocks color are the same . Himalayan salt rocks have 100 of amazing color tons and this is what makes this salt unique on the planet. Naturally enriched with 84 minerals these licks really free you from the artificially made costly licks which contains minerals without justification. Why not to use natural salt licks where minerals are added by nature in right proportion..

Salt Lick Pink tone (Design#L-5)

Just another beautiful color, other aspects remain the same. This is the beauty of Himalayan salt as nature has given so many color to this organic salt . being excavated from 300 million years old mines , naturally contains 84 minerals and trace elements in right proportion as animal body needs.. .

Salt Lick Lump orange (Design#L-6)

These are raw lumps of Himalayan crystal salt of orange color. Many live stock owners prefer to place these salt lumps in pastures and grazing ground to facilitate the animals to lick these natural stone as they may wish. These natural lumps in 5-20 kgs weight considered highly suitable for this purpose. We supply these natural lick stones in wooden boxes containing 1000 kgs lumps. These jumbo boxes are fork lift friendly and thus can be handled with ease. As compare to shaped licks , these natural lumps turn much cheaper.

Salt Lick Pink Lumps (Design#L-7)

All the charactristics are the same except the color and hardness. These pink rocks are a bit harder than those of orange color lumps above. Highly suitable for pastures and open grazing ground .