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Himalayan Salt Bowls

How salt Bowls are carved and what is their use?

Salt Bowls, Dishes, dinner sets and serving plates are carved from best selected rock of food grade Himalayan crystal salt. These are made on lathe machines. These beautiful table wares are made in different colors and sizes by znz skilled craftsmen. Our salt dinner set of snow white and pink salt have brought new dinning experience for those who love organic and natural stuff. Serving in these natural table wares really changed the traditional way of serving food.

A new trend with natural touch took the world by storm and now every one asking for these natural dinner sets made by ZNZ , a native Himalayan company with 40 years experience in salt manufacturing. You can imagine the sensation and excitement your guest will enjoy once they see these Himalayan beauties on the dinning table.

As you know our these salt plates and dishes are not like the traditional kind of stuff but these are healthful. Himalayan salt naturally enriched with 84 minerals and trace elements . Serving the food in these salt dishes and plates will stuff the food with minerals they naturally contain. Try them and you will come to the conclusion that our Himalayan salt dishes and plates are best in beauty and health benefits. Serve your guests in these Himalayan plates becuse they deserve this.

Video for Salt Bowls and Dishes

Salt Bowls Set (Design# SB-1

These lovely looking bowls are crafted from genuine Himalayan rocks of crystal salt.Unlike conventional bowls , these salt bowls are not only beautiful but also offer numerous health benefits. Himalayan salt is excavated from 300 million years old mines. Salt excavated from these Himalayan salt mines , naturally contains 84+ minerals and trace elements essential for human body . Bowls are made in different sizes and colors from 100 food grade rocks of salt crystals.Those who wish to take brine in the morning can simply fill the bowl with mineral water , leave it for 5 minutes and then take it. .

Salt Bowls Set

Design is the same but with different color and sizes. All the other charactristics are the same as mentioned above.

Salt Bowls

Same design but different color and sizes. These are healthful bowls . you may fill them with fruit, salad and any other edible for that matter .

Salt Bowls


Same design with different color, these beautiful bowls are not like the ordinary bowls but these are made from organic salt with 84 minerals and trace elements. Any food if served in these unique bowls will ingest the 84 minerals automatically . Fantastic healthful product by ZNZ.

Salt Curry Plate (Design#D-5)

These are curry plates but don,t feel shy to use them for other purposes. You can see the thickness and this is why these are appropriately name as Curry plates. Remember don,t add salt to curry you intend to serve in these organic salt plates. Curry will take the salt from these plates as for as it remain in the plate. I am sure you have understood the myth as to why these plates have great thickness.

Salt Plates Dinner Set (Design#D-6)

Different sizes plates to make a set of salt plates. Pick the size suite your need and straight away put it in to use. You would love to use them so your guests. A very natural way of serving the food, far from modern day life style. Healthful and unique.

Salt Serving Plate (Design#D-7)

Food is too hot to be serve in plain plates. ZNZ do care for your comforts and convenience. Put the hottest solmon in the plate and grab the handle and serve it. Different sizes and colors are available in these user friendy plates

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