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Official website of ZNZ Himalayan Crystal Salt Industries, the largest,authenticated and reputed manufacturers and Exporters of Himalayan salt products. ZNZ facillities are registered with FDA, credits are duly varified by D&B and A&V respectively.

Salt Bricks and Tiles- Himalayan Rock salt bricks and tiles

Salt bricks and tiles and how they are cut ?

Himalayan salt Bricks and tiles are cut from best selected rocks of genuine Himalayan crystal salt . These beautiful bricks are cut in various sizes and colors. Most common colors used in bricks and tiles are Pink, Light pink, orange, snow white , multi color and gray etc.

ZNZ own state of the art modern cutting facilities which ensures the speady cutting with accuracy in sizes. WE supply flawless bricks as we use only suitable salt rocks of different colors. We own heavy cutting machineries which enable us to cut bigger size with accuracy and in huge volume.

For those of our valued visitors of this website who are interested importing the quality bricks and tiles at highly competitive prices, we strongly encourage them to send us inquiries with their detail requirements enabling us to send a nice and competitive price quote.

Salt Bricks-Salt Slabs- Video

Orange Bricks

Lovely color bricks, crafted from 100% food grade rocks of Himalayan crystal salt. A bit fragile in nature. Due to matured crystalline structure only medium sizes can be cut from these rocks .

Orange color bricks

Orange color bricks are stacked for packaging and onward shipment .

Salt Slices

Irregular sizes lumps are sliced to make these slices.Thickness kept the same but sizes varies. Slices are sold per ton bases and shipped in secured wooden boxes .

Salt Slices

Same as above .

Salt Slices

Yet another lovely shapes of salt slices , thickness remain the same but sizes vary .

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