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Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks of various colors

What are salt chunks and how these are made?

ZNZ offer salt chunks of different amazing natural colors and sizes. These beautiful chunks are made from lumps of Himalayan crystal salt. Big lumps are brocken into pieces manually and then sizing is done. These chunks are then washed and dried under the sun in unpolluted and serene environment. Colors of chunks you will find below are as natural as found in salt mines. Its the beauty of Himalayan crystal salt , nature has given many colors to this natural mineral salt. Needless to mention about the minerals and trace elements it contains. variation of colors actually attributed to mineral contents of the rocks. Most common colors of Himalayan salt rocks are Pink, light pink, orange, light orange, apricote , snow white, quartz halite, gray, red and each color again offer different tones.Common sizes of chunks we make are 2-3cm, 3-7cm, 7-10cm and 10-15 cm. ZNZ offer assorted color chunks in different packaging. To afford you and opportunity to see, feel and taste the genuine Himalayan crystals salt we offer small and medium packages online.Packages are delivered by international courier right at your door step. You may book your pack just click here.

Few colors chunks are exhibited below for your study, there are much more though. .


Orange color salt chunks (Design# SC-1

Solid orange color, this is what the picture shows. Beautiful colors salt with all 84 minerals and trace elements which makes it quite suitable for making barine and of course one could grind them for kitchen and table use. 100% food grade salt , purest and pristine, organic state kept well intact. These awesome chunks are offered in different packaging both bulk and retail. ask for more details. In case you intend to start your own salt business then we strongly encourage you to contact us for further details..

Snow white salt chunks(Design#SC-2)

Resembling ice on Himalayan mountain, this snow white color is a rare and unique. Only one mine yeild this awesome color salt . Perfect and prestine, 100% food grade icy salt not only beautiful but purest organic . Excavated manually for 300 million years old Himalayan salt mines, processed in typical Himalayan environment, washed and sun dried, what else you want? Get rid of poisnous refined salt and let this organic salt take the place on you dinning table and kitchen shelves. This is must dude otherwise keep on poisoning your kids..

Light orange salt chunks (Design#SC-3)

Natural beauty speaks for itself. This is Himalayan cystal salt and honestly you will not find this natural beauty in any other salt on this planet. We have seen the polish salt and few other but frankly those are yet to get the perfect crystalline shape which means needs more time to get transformed into the shape what this 300 million years old Himalayan salt has already in.

Orange salt chunks (Design#SC-4)

Like I said, our Himalayan crystal salt offers too many tones and shades and this is evidant from the pic you see here. Matured crystalline matrix, colloidal particle size readily absorbable by body cell. 100% food grade with all 84 minerals and trace elements intact..

Purest Halite Chunks(Design#SC-5)

Another beauty of Himalayan crystals salt. This is purest Halite, more transparent than quartz and more precous than gold. Organic salt mother nature has processed specially for you through a natural process spaning over 300 million years. Love the nature they way nature loves you. Why to use poisnous refined salt when nature has already processed this purest and prestine mineral salt for you. Beauty of nature coupled with 84 minerals and trace elements, a perfect gift from nature for your kids and family..

Rose Petal Salt chunks (Design#SC-5)

Have you seen the roses in early morning in your garden? I believe you have. Did you see the dew on the petals? This is what this pic shows. Fabulous color with all 84 minerals and trace element being offered direct from Himlaya by a native Himalayan. Imagine you could have it without lifting a fingure.WE offer different small and medium packages of our Himalayan salts which pacakges are delivered by couriers at your door step. What else you need? Press the "Buy Online" button located on the header section and Himalayan beauty will start its journey towards your home. How amazing experience it would be for you!.

Purest Halite Crystalline

We have mentioned the details above, this pic is exhibited only to afford you a closer view of this Himalayan beauty. Do you want to see, feel and taste it physically? yep, sure! you can, just press the "Buy online " button and accomplish your desire, its as easy as 1-2-3. Different packages like 5 kgs, 10 kgs-20 kgs and 42 kgs are awaiting your attention. Get rid of poisnous so called "refined " table salt a white poison, an injurous compound of sodium and chloride, deviod of any minerals and trace element your body desperately needs. what you waiting for? get it while you still can.

Light Pink Salt Chunks(Design#6)

I strongly recommend to not delay ordering a small pack as this will bring you an opportunity to see feel and taste the typical Himalayan crystals salt which I bet you will never find elsewhere. Forget about Polish or any other rock salt for that matter. Real and genuine Himalayan crystal salt by a native Himalayan who know the difference between ordinary rock salt and matured crystalline matrix genuine Himalayan salt. Seeing is believing. Try us and you will love to keep on trying for ever. Refrain from kidding with the health of your kids, don,t feed them poison but the real Himalayan crystals, 300 million years old, purest and pristine.

Chunks of various colors

Just to show you different colors once palced together. See the real Himalayan beauty. Select a small pack for your home and we will stuff your pack with all these beauty and much more. Try us and believe me you will be glade what you recieve direct from Himalaya.