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Salt Cross Lamps|Salt Blessings Lamp

What is Salt cross lamp and how these are carved ?

With profound love ZNZ do offer this special lamp to christain brethern. Its a cross lamp but we name it Blessings Lamp as we believe that anything related to relegion is blessing .Cross is a symbol of christian religion and belief so we rightly name it a Blessings lamp. Apart from its spirtual value ,this special lamp also shower its blessing upon inmates of an home in shape of negative ions

Salt lamps are known air ionizers , emit negative ions which ions combat the deadly positive ion to purify the amibient air we breathe. Glowing few lamps in your home, church, office and in religious gathering really brings about positive changes in atmophere as well as in your mood. It creates atmosphere prevailent near the water fall, after the thunder storm or after the rain. Thanks to abundance of negative ions in the atmosphere.

ZNZ offer many beautiful designs in Blessing lamp series which designs are carved by Muslim craftsmen. .

Natural beauty, numerous health benefits and spirtual concept this is what make this lamp and ideal lamp for any one and specially the christains..

Salt Blessing Lamp (Design # cr-01

This beautiful design is carved from Pink rock of Himayan crystal salt. The immense love the craftsman have shown is very much evidant. Blessing lamp comes with UL listed power cord and a 15 w bulb. Mounted on rose wood base. Its really a blessing in terms of Beauty, health benefits and above all the spirtual concept.

Salt Blessing Lamp (Design#cr-2)

Our craftsman shows his love in different way. This Blessing lamp is really looks a flower specially at the top. Marvelous art piece with health benefits. Simply blessing all the way. As evidant, carved from Pink rock of Himalayan crystal salt, mounted on seasoned shesham wood base . Blessing is supplied with UL listed power cord and a bulb, just blug the cord and it will start blessings to shower upon you.Lovely lamp and a religious symbol enough to remind you about your religeous obligation every time you see it..

Salt Blessing Lamp(Design # cr-3

Look like branches of tree cut and nailed together to make this fabulous blessing lamp or a Tree miraculously grown up in this cross shape. Whatever the case may be, It is blessing all the way. It will inspire you spirtually while shower its blessing in the shape of Negative ions to purify the air you breathe. Blessing comes with UL listed power cord and a bulb, ready for use simply. With love for our Christain brethern.

Salt Blessing lamp (Design # cr-4)

Pieces of wood have been glued together, this is what this particular shape cross shows. Again the carftsman did his best to show his love to this religious article. As we name it blessing lamp and we name it very rightly. Its blessing in shape of religious and health view points. Blessing comes with UL listed power cord and a bulb, ready to use simply. Weight of this blessing lamp is around 3 kg and comes in individual box packaging. 6 boxes are packed in a master carton. For those who wish to join us as our distributors in their respective region, we strongly encourage such intention and will extend all possible assistance to them. contact us please!.

Salt Blessing Lamp(Design#cr-4)

Another beautiful design from ZNZ. Fabolous blessing lamp same as above but slightly differs in color of rock.

Salt Blessing Lamp(Design#cr-5)

Lovely as it is , wonderful design crafted by a Muslim artist, difficult to make such sharp curves but the craftsman did this for you. This blessing lamp carved from best rock of Himalayan crystal salt. Needless to repeat its benefits both as health device and a spirtual symbol. As usual it comes with UL listed wire and a bulb, compelete just plug and play. Weight is 3 kgs approx and 6 individually packed lamps are packed in a master carton..

Salt Blessing Lamp(Design#cr-6)

Another beautiful design from ZNZ. Its a conventional cross , plain and simple. Blessing as we name it and its true. Health benefits with those of spirtual. Complete with wire and bulb.

Salt Blessing Lamp(Design#cr-7)

Beautiful yet simple. Identical to CR-6 except for foundation whch is made in steps shape here. Lovely design blessing ready to inspire you spirtually and of course no need to mention its health benefits . comes complete with cord set and a bulb. Plug the cord and it will start cleaning your air from deadly positive ion and not only this but whenever you see it you will get the inspiration for which it is known through out the christain community.