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What are Natural Salt lamps and how these are carved?

Natural salt lamps are carved from best selected rocks of Himalayan crystal salt. These are hand carved lamp means no machine except drill machine is used in the process.For your interest a video showing the carving process is placed below. Salt lamp is virtually a raw lump of salt which is drilled centrally to accommodate the bulb holder. Piece of carved rock is then mounted on a wooden or onyx base. Glowing rock looks beautiful.

Salt lamps are known air ionizers , emit negative ions which ions combat the deadly positive ion to purify the amibient air we breathe. Glowing few lamps in a room really brings about positive changes in mood . It creates atmosphere prevailent near the water fall, after the thunder storom or after the rain. Thanks to abundance of negative ions in the atmosphere.

Apart from natural beauty , these Natural salt lamps do offer numerous health benefits to mankind. Being negative ion generators they provide relief in asthma and other respiratory diseases. There is no scientific proof about these claims though but people who have been using these have sent positive feed confirming the health benefits. Natural colors of rocks normally are Pink, light pink, multiple colors hues, Reddish, gray/blue, snow white and orange. There are so many other color tones found in these Himalayan salt rocks.

Video showing Natural lamp carving Process

Natural Salt lamp Gray(Design# N-1

Rare color of Himalayan rocks of salt crystal.Best for night light. For your convenience we have shown both lit and off version of this fabulous natural lamp. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and 15 w bulb. Lamp is mounted on seasoned shesham wood base and you can see glittering base there.Natural lamps are made in different weight categories and sold by weight.Each lamp is shrink wrapped to ensure that no moisture should ingress. Duly shrinked lamp then packed in retail box and 6 boxes in a master carton.

Salt Lamp Pink (Design#N-2)

This is yet another pink color natural lamp. Beautiful lamp with powerful ionizing effects. Lamp is carved from pink rock of Himalayan crystal salt as it is evident from pic. Lamp is mounted on shesham wood base double polished and seasoned. UL listed power cord set with inline bed switch and 15 w tiny bulb is supplied with the lamp. Each lamp is shrinked first and then packed in a retail box and number of boxes in a master carton. Please ask for price catalog..

Natural Lamp Orangy Pink (Design#N-3)

Beautiful orangy pink color .As it is , lamp is mounted on seasoned shesham wood base double polished and duly treated for termites. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and 15 w bulb. Each lamp is shrinked and then packed in retail box and number of boxes in master carton..

Salt Glowing Rocks (Design#N-4)

New concept by ZNZ, These glowing rocks are actually Himalayan salt rocks.Mounted on Base but once can,t see base as base is well concealed under the rock. Do you know that they emit negative ions when heated and truth about Negative ions is that they combat the deadly positive ions to purify the ambient air Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and a 15 w bulb. WE offer different weigts rocks lime 2-3 kgs 3-5 kgs upto 100 kgs. These are really beautiful as a glowing rock looks mystical..

Natural salt lamp light pink (Design#N-5)

Yet another beautiful color. Fascinating yet healthful. Emit negative ions when glows which purify the air you breathe. Lamp come fitted with UL listed power cord and a 15 w bulb and this is what makes it ready for use. Just open the box and plug it to electric socket and enjoy the sensation being near the waterfall. Each lamp shrinked and then packed in retail box, number of boxes in a master carton.

Ask for price catalog. .

Natural salt lamp snow white(Design#N-6)

Snow white is a rare color in salt crystal. Lamps can,t be carved in big weight . Snow white color is basically meant to lit with the color skin bulbs as it emit the same color the bulb is used for. One way use any color bulb per his choice. Lamp is perfect for color therapy , besides its ionization property.

Natural Salt Lamp Orange (Design#N-7)

Awesome orange color lamp. This natural lamp is crafted from best selected rock of Himalayan crystal of orange color.As you know nature has given many beautiful colors to Himalayan salt crystal rocks. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and offered in retail packaging to facilitate the retailers to sell single lamp to their intended customers..