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Himalayan salt raw lumps and boulders

What are raw salt lumps and how these are excavated?

Himalayan salt mines yeild different colors salt lumps and boulders. These raw salt lumps and boulders are excavated manually from salt mines in different weights. Normally lumps excavated from salt mines weigh from 1 kg to 2 tons and some time more than this. The main hurdle to excavate bigger weight lump is to pull them out from 1800 meters underneath the ground as all the excavation transportation of the lumps and boulders is done manually using the improvised method prevailent from centuries. There is no modern machineries available to make use of that.

There are different natural colors of these Himalayan salt rocks which includes: Orange , pink, light pink, red, snow white , gray and multi colors..


Orange salt lumps (Design# SL-1

Its a compact orange color lumps pic. The beauty of Himalayan salt rock is that there are various color tones. For example orange colors have more than 12 different tons. These beautiful lumps are available in weight range between 1 kg-300 kgs .These orange lumps are 100% food grade. These orange colors lumps are used to make salt licks and edible salt for human consumption. We also cut salt bricks from these lumps. Yes salt lamps and candle holders are also made from this color.

Orang crystaline Lumps (Design#SL-2)

These orange lumps of matured craystalline matrix. 100% food grade, ideal for grinding , comparatively softer than above lumps. Mainly used for making edible salt for human consumption. We cut bricks from these lumps though. Bricks look beautiful but a bit fragile in nature as this color is too soft. Ideal color for natural salt lamps.

Salt Gray lumps (Design#SL-3)

This is Himalayan gray/blue colors lumps. Minerals and trace elements contents is almost the same as for other colors. We make licks , bricks and some crafted items from this special rare color lumps. These lumps are only available upto 50 kgs weight as this color lumps are more brittle as compare to other colors. Natural salt lamps are also made from this color. Lamps made from this color are mainly used as night light , reason being that it only emit 20-30% light .

Pink color Salt Lumps (Design#SL-4)

Beautiful color ideal for salt lamp and bricks. These lumps are bit harder and this what makes them suitable for bricks . Big boulders are also available in this color. There are various color tones in this pink color which is the realy beauty of this natural color..

Orange color Lumps

same as above orange color.

Snow white salt Lumps (Design#SL-5)

Beautiful but rare, lumps in this snow white colors are not available in bigger weight. Only 2-50 kgs lumps are available in this color. This amazing color is used for lamps, bricks and candle holders and of cuorse bath salt and shaped bath products..

Onyx Globes

Onyx globe with vertical rings, a really beauty of onyx stone .