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Salt Round Plates|Salt Circular Plates

How these round salt plates are carved and what is their use?

Salt round plates are carved from rocks of Himalayan crytal salt of 100% food grade. These circular plates are made on lathe machine in different sizes and colors. These are used for serving as well as cooking the food. Its a new concept to serve the food on these natural salt plates..

Video of Salt Plates for Cooking

Salt Round Plate (Design# RP-1)

Salt round plates are made in different sizes viz: 5x1 inch, 5, 7 8 9 10,11, 12 x1,2,3,4 inches. These plates are made from 100% food grade salt rock of Himalayan crystal salt. Circular plates can be used for cooking and serving the food..

Salt Round Plates

Same desing just with different thickness .

Salt Round Plates

Same as above .

Salt round Plates

Only color difference but all the other charactricts are the same..

Salt Round Plates

No difference except thickness.

Salt round Plates

Same as above

Salt Round Plates

Same with different sizes and thickness.