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Himalayan salt slabs for cooking

What are Himalayan salt slabs and how these are used for cooking ?

New trend of cooking on Himalayan salt slabs has come up and already gained wide popularity the world over. Reason being that Himalayan salt slabs are naturally enriched with 84 minerals and trace elements essential for human body. Even more important thing is that minerals constituents in Himalayan salt are in almost the same proportion as already exist in human body.This is what makes the Himalayan crystal salt stand out of all those ordinary salt available in the market. This purest organic salt provides a comprehensive replenishment for body minerals system.

Cooking on Himalayan salt slabs not only afford you to have typical Himalayan taste but a wonderful thing by the health stand point. Cooking of food on these slabs is as easy as the normal cooking. Just heat the slab and put your desired food on the slab and you are done.

ZNZ cut these cooking salt slabs from 100% food grade rocks of crystal salt. There are many sizes to suite the consumer's need. For complete detail please contact us :


Salt Slab light pink (Design# S-1)

Cut from 100% food grade rock of Himalayan salt crystal.This particular slab is of 16x12x2 inches and weight of this slab is 14.5 kgs. You can simply cook any food of your choice on this natural salt slab. Wonderful taste that too with 84 minerals and trace elements. Ask for more details regarding Himalayan salt slabs..

Salt Slab Orange (Design#S-2)

These are orange color salt slabs of same size as above. Mineral constituents are the same and so is the use. ..

Salt Slab Pink (Design#S-3)

Extremely beautiful color. This slab is 16x8x4 inches and weighing around 19 kgs. Thickness is maximum to withstand the highest temperature. Some foods do need highest level of heat and this slab certainly fit for that.

Salt Slab Pink(Design#S-4)

All the charactristics and mineral constituents are the same as above. This slab is 14x8x2 inches and weighs around 8.5 kgs .

Salt Slab Pink (Design#T-5)

All the details are the same except it is 4 inches thickness.

Salt Slabs Pink(Design#S-6)

Again it is pink tone slab, all other charactristics are the same .

Salt Brick orange

Wonderful color, these are bricks size 8x4x1 inches

not slab of course , just exhibited here for your study .