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Salt Tealight Candle Holder|Rock salt tealight Holders

What are Salt Tealight Candle holders and how these are carved?

Salt Tealight Candle holders are carved from best selected rocks of Himalayan crystal salt. These are carved in different shapes like : Natural, Geometrics and Sculptural shapes. All shapes are fantastic and looks even more beautiful when lit by the tealight. Our Himalayan salt tealight holders are not only beautiful but also offer numerous health benefits to mankindl.

Like Salt lampsThese candle holders are also known air ionizers , emit negative ions which ions combat the deadly positive ion to purify the amibient air we breathe. Glowing few lamps in a room really brings about positive changes in mood . It creates atmosphere prevailent near the water fall, after the thunder storm or after the rain. Thanks to abundance of negative ions in the atmosphere.

Apart from natural beauty , these salt Candle holders do offer numerous health benefits to mankind. Being negative ion generators they provide relief in asthma and other respiratory diseases. There is no scientific proof about these claims though but people who have been using these have sent positive feed confirming the health benefits. Natural colors of rocks normally are Pink, light pink, multiple colors hues, Reddish, gray/blue, snow white and orange. There are so many other color tones found in these Himalayan salt rocks.

Salt Tealight Candle holder video

Tealight Holder Diamond (Design# TH-1 )

Crafted from Pink rock of Himalayan crystal salt this Diamond Tealight candle holder is an amazing design. Himalayan salt tealight holders are not only beautiful but also offer health benefits to users. Like salt lamps these candle holders also generate negative ions to purify the air we breathe.

Diamond candle holders weigh around 800-1500 g and can take standard tealight. Our salt candle holders are fitted with venyle feet. candle holders are available in Bulk and retail packaging..

Star Candle holder (Design#TH-2)

Beautiful star design, This tealight holder is carfted from pink Himalayan rock of crystal salt, fitted with venyle feet and can take standard size tealight.Candle holder can be made upto 1500 g weight. For more details regarding this beautiful candle holder please contact us.

Tortoise Candle Holder (Design#TH-3)

Unique design candle holder, crafted from best selected snow white rock of Himalayan crystal. Amazing beauty with artistic touch. A wonderful Tealight Candle holder , lovely looking home decor and of course a negative ion generator. Create a dreamy atmosphere when glows and purify the ambient air. Beauty with health benefits , this is what this tortoise candle holder is all about..

Candle holder on stand (Design#TH-4)

Lovely looking design, here this beautiful salt candle holder is mounted on wrought iron stand. This stand is powder coated and rust proof. ZNZ offer various other designs in this series of salt cande holder. As it is , this candle holder is nice home decor and health benefits are also there as salt candle holder generates negative ions which ions are responsible to purify the air we breathe. Ask for more details..

Three holes Candle holder(Design#TH-5)

Best geometric design candle holder, accommodate three tealights simultaneously. Posses extreme beauty with capablity of plenty of negation ion generation. Venyle feet are fitted to keep the candle holder above the surface where it is placed. As you can see in the pic , this unique candle holder is crafted from pink rock of Himalayan crystal salt. For more details please contact us..

Four Holes Candle holder (Design#TH-6)

Same as Three holes candle holder but accommodate 4 tealights . Powerful negative ion generator. Will prove a nice healthful addition in your home. Beauty and health benefits what makes this candle holder quite popular amongst users worldwide.





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