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Salt Wall Hanging Lamps

What are Salt wall hanging Lamps and how these are made?

ZNZ have been striving hard to bring delightful innovation in salt lamps. Salt wall hanging is yet another addition to our already largest inventory in salt lamp series. Salt wall hangings are a new kind of salt lamp where salt tiles are fixed in a beautiful wrought iron frame , one, two or three light bulbs are fixed and connected with UL listed power cord. Hang the wall hanging at your desired place on your room wall , plug the power cord and enjoy the healthfull ionization with beauty and style. Marvilous lamp possesses both beauty and health benefits.

Salt wall hangings are made in different designs and sizes. One tile, two tiles and three tiles wall hangings are lovely and easy to hang on the wall. All aspects are kept in mind while designing these wonderful wall hangings. Salt wall hangings are supplied complete with Ul listed power cord and bulbs, ready to use simply.

As you Know salt lamps are known natural air ionizers, emit negative ions when glow. Negative ions are responsible to purify the air by combating deadly positive ions being generated by electrical applainces. Put a wall hanging in each of your house room and feel the sensation being at sea beach, near the water fall or what you feel after the rain. Lovely product which is not only beautify your home but fill your home with tons of negative ions to ensure the clean air you breathe. Distributors , whole sellers and importers may send inquiries about this gorgeous proudct and for all ZNZ salt products for that matter..


salt wall hanging (Design# wh-1

Yet another innovated offer by ZNZ. This beautiful salt wall hanging is a new absolutely new idea to beautify your home. This particular pic shows three tiles wall hanging fitted with three light. Salt tiles are fitted in wrought iron frame. Tiles can be replaced whenever needed. Just hang this beautiful lamp on the wall at suitable place and plug the cord and tiles will start glowing . As you know salt lamps are know negative ions generators which ions are responsible to purify the air we breathe. For more details and pricing please contact us..

Salt Wall Hanging (Design#wh-2)

Beautiful design, 3 tiles lit with one bulb. wonderful wroght iron frame will give your home a different look. Negative ion this wall hanging lamp will create is jast an added health benefits. Awesome lamp possesses beauty and health features together. Lamp comes complete with UL listed power cord thus ready to use. Just plug and enjoy the real Himalayan beauty and tons of negative ions emitted by this unique lamp will certainly change your mood in a decent way. Inquiries are welcome .

Salt wall hanging lamp (Design#wh-3)

Yet another beautiful design of salt lamp. A real natural beauty and that too with style. This amazing salt lamp will stun your guest and don,t be surprised if some one ask you to gift this lamp to him/her. Lamp comes with UL listed power cord and you don,t really need even screw to hang this awesome lamp as we also pack 2 ss screw with this lamp..

Salt Wall hanging (Design#wh-4)

You can see three glowing salt tiles and a light behind each tile. Pink salt tiles are fitted in this wall hanging lamp. Design is awesome and its a wrought iron frame, powder coated and fully rust proof. This lamp will adorn your home in a natural way. A gorgeous home decor and do not overlook the health benefits this salt lamp does offer .Healthful negative ions it emits which ions are essential to purify the air you breathe..

Salt Wall Hanging (Design#wh-5

Large size wall hanging with three tiles . Fantastic design salt lamps with powerful ion generation capability. For those who love the beauty, this lamp is ideal for them. Needless to mention about the health benefits these salt lamps have to offer to mankind..

Salt Wall hanging (Design#wh-6)

Again stunning design three tiles lamp. Beauty and health benefits which make this lamp ideal for any body. Beautify your home with this awesome salt lamp and enjoy the purest air at the same time. Ready to use, just plug and set back to enjoy the clean air.

Salt Wall Hanging (Design# wh-7)

Three pink tiles are fitted to wonderful designed wrought iron frame. Yet another beautiful salt lamps to illuminate your home with soothing glow and clean the ambient air with negative ion..