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Dear Zareen

Pleased to advise shipment arrived last week, the FCL was unpacked last Friday, all was good, the outer bags and stitching are good quality. We have opened four bags, the Himalayan Salt looks very good, we are very pleased with the out turn of this shipment.

The grade shipped is the same as the Pink/white 2-4mm sample you recommended and received by me on 14/12/2010.

We trust sales will go well and look forward to re ordering soonest

Stephen (New Zealand)


Dear ZNZ date: 09-03-2011

After receiving the 5 kgs pack of genuine Himalayan crystal salt of different colors and sizes from you, I have to say the following:

1.Different organic products you had packed are of premium quality, undoubtedly as fresh as just excavated from mines. Chunks of different natural colors,Beautiful salt in mm sizes in various colors and fine granulates in meshes all are awesome simply.

2.Amazing rainbow of natural colors, I personally like all but light pink, deep pink and orange color touch me mostly.I have seen this Purest Himalayan Halite first time, Wow!its more transparent than diamond or any other transparent thing exists on this planet for that matter.

3. The taste is salty just like the sea salt, this is important for our market, because the people think that if one salt product is healthy it may lack the salt perperty and they will have to buy salt to make the food salty.I am safe to say that this Himalayan salt doesn,t need any other salt to be added to bring the salt taste.
4.I did crush some pink crystls in mm size and felt some strange but pleasant aroma which triggered an urge to eat something. I now have to believe that this Himalayan crystal salt help enhance the appetite.

5.I personally have taken brine bath with the beautiful Himalayan bath salt . I stayed in bath tub for 30 minutes and amazed to feel the pleasure and relaxatin thereafter. I can admit that I has been the wonderful experience for me.

6.Last but not the least , Iam quite satisfied the way you communicate instantaneous,straight forward and comprehensive, I love your communication skils and the way you answers all my questions.Please keep up your good work.

7.We already had decided to place order for 20 ft container and are confident that this organic salt will sell well in our country. Thanks for all your supports and advices.

Sincerely Yours

Lina Hristosova
Import/Export Manager



dear khan

i am Mr.Amano from Japan.
i take my order container hurry send my order thank you thank container and very very happy see salt lamps salt tiles and eating salt. very good color please.tile no broke very good.your factory good quality thank you.

other supleir i take one container no good quality high money dollar prices very bad .pink and your orengy color tiles are i liking very much thank you. very good color.very good hearts bath item i like it please.

very good business with your factory please next order very hurry.thank you khan

mr.Amano japan




Thank you so much for all the information.   My veterinarian loves the salt.  I think she will really love the black salt.  So many people here do not know about it and I am determined for EVERY horse in the world to have this salt.  And the quality you provide-------it is the best. As I stated ----- I have purchased the salt for some time and when I saw your quality-------I knew what I had found -------and it is very  much appreciated.


Thank you for all of your help


I will have my order completed for you by tomorrow.  It will be small----------but they will get larger and more.  


Meredith/USA /26-05-2011