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What are the USB Salt lamps and how these are carved?

USB salt lamps, as the name suggests are exclusively made for those who remain before computer screens for hours. A scientifically proven fact is that almost all the electrical applainces including that of computer monitor screens are a deadly sources of positive ions. Simply plug the lamp in USB port in your computer and lamp will start generating healthful negative ions.

Salt lamps are known air ionizers, emit negative ions when glow. USB salt lamp when glows also emit negative ions which ions help reduce the stress, enhances the concentration and bring the freshness in mood. ZNZ carve these salt lamps from best selected rocks of genuine Himalayan crystal salt, in various beautiful designs. These special lamps are come with multi color led light which changes the color automatically.

Apart from natural beauty , these USB salt lamps do offer numerous health benefits to mankind. Being negative ion generators they provide relief in asthma and other respiratory diseases. There is no scientific proof about these claims though but people who have been using these have sent positive feed confirming the health benefits. Natural colors of rocks normally are Pink, light pink, multiple colors hues, Reddish, gray/blue, snow white and orange. There are so many other color tones found in these Himalayan salt rocks.

USB salt lamps- Video

Bowl Salt Lamp (Design# USB-1

Lovely looking bowl shape USB salt lamps carved on lathe machine from best selected rock of Himalayan salt. LED light fitted to lamp automatically changes the colors which creates a wonderful scene. These USB salt lamps help keep the computer users fresh by creating plenty of negative ions around. One feels the sensation being near the waterfall or situation like after the rain.

Total weight of lamp: 700 gms.

Power cord: 3ft cord with LED light and USB plug

For more details and pricing please contact us .

Bowl Salt lamp (Design#USB-2)

Exquisite design bowl filled with salt chunks.Design slightly differes with the above bowl but rest of the specs and charactristics are the same...

Cup Salt Lamp (Design#USB-3)

A cup of salt is filled with salt chunks.Lovely looking USB salt lamp. LED light changes the colors automatically. Negative ion generators, purify the air and help computer user to concentrate better on the job they have been doing. Beauty +health benefits makes these USB lamps must for every computer.

Globe Salt Lamp (Design#USB-4)

Fantastic glob lamp, awesome colors which would make you feel afresh and rejuvinated. Thanks to the beauty and ion generation property of these salt lamps. LED light fitted with USB lamp automatically changes the colors, there are more than 50 color tones which you will enjoy from you USB salt lamp.USB salt lamps bring quite a joyful experience when lit by the computer usb. Due to beauty and health benefits , these USB salt lamps already gained tremendous poplularity across the planet. Try one and you will fall in love with these Himalayan beauties..

Cone Salt Lamp (Design#USB-5)

Cone shape salt lamp, there are more colors as the LED light fitted with these usb lamps automatically changes more than 50 color tones. You can really enjoy the natural beauty, rainbow of colors and of course the health benefits salt lamp has to offer. You will find enhanced concentration power sitting beside the USB salt lamp, thanks to negative ions it generates.

Egg salt lamp (Design #USB-8)

A popular desing in salt lamps, best suited the location near your computer. Different colors eggs will create a dreamy scenrio around you. Beauty and negative ions emitted by this USB lamp will take you to the romantic world where you not only concentrate more on your computer job but feel a strong urge to be with your friend whom you love most.Its all about pleasant changes in mood attributed to plenty of negative ions and more than 50 lovely color tones your find their way to your brain via the eyes..

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